What is Syntek Global?

"Syntek Global is a Network Marketing Company that makes a Fuel additive known as Xtreme Fuel Treatment which gives your vehicle improved fuel mileage and longer life by utilizing detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization. The result is that the engine run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain.

Fuel Greens is an Independent distributor of Syntek Global XFT Fuel treatment and our mission is to help you to save money on fuel cost and earn income in the process by enabling you to build downline and a large revenue stream right over the internet.

Syntek Global Enrollment Instructions for South Africa

If you are a resident of South Africa and would like to enroll as a distributor of Syntek Global then please follow the instructions below.


Step 1: Download and Fill out the Application form



IMPORTANT: On the form under Sponsor"s Information input the following details

Name:Kevin Richards



Placement ID#: Holding Tank


Step 2: Make the Payment on Your Starter Kit

Option A: Submit a payment to: First National Bank (any branch)
Account #: 62428120232 Account Name: Syntek Global SA
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ Bank Code: 261050
Note: Contact the local Syntek Global Office or your MySyntek Back Office for current pricing. Price includes kit contents, customes, and duties.



Option B: Pay with a credit card during online enrollment.


Step 3: Collect your products


Option A: If you selected the shipping option while enrolling, Syntek sent a confirmation email verifying your order. Your Starter Kit
will arrive within 5-7 business days after you receive that email.

Option B: Once you have completed your enrollment and selected the WILL CALL shipping method, pick up your Starter Kit from
the local Syntek office.

Option C: If you selected the bank deposit while enrolling, once you have paid for your Starter Kit, take your bank receipt to the
Syntek Office or email proof of payment to sasupport@syntekglobal.com.
Office Address: 3rd Floor Regus Building Email: sasupport@syntekglobal.com
Fairview Office Park Ring Road Phone #: +27 41 399 9447
Greenacres Port Elizabeth
At the office, a form of identification and your Syntek Global ID number will be needed to confirm your enrollment information to
receive your Starter Kit.

Step4:Setup your Autoship


AutoShip is an essential part of your success with Syntek Global. It is a product purchase that is made monthly that allows your
distributorship to remain active, which is one of the requirements to receive a paycheck on the commissions you earn, keep
rollover volume, as well as have samples to give out, sell, and product to use for yourself. You can set up your AutoShip during
enrollment. Just make sure to write down the AutoShip date. We recommend the 100 PV AutoShip to have enough product for
personal use as well as daily exposures. You will also receive added benefits as part of our 100 PV Club that you don’t want to
If you selected the WILL CALL shipping option while enrolling, your AutoShip and/or orders will be available for pick up at the
Syntek office within one business day, after your AutoShip is complete.
If you have not set up your AutoShip, log in to your MySyntek Back Office, select the My Business tab at the top of the page, and
click on AutoShip in the drop-down menu. Select your desired AutoShip and date. You can also call the Syntek Global corporate


Step5:Setup your Commissions Account

Validate Payoneer account through email: When you earn your first bonus and/or commission of at least $22, earned funds will
be deposited into your personal Syntek Global Payoneer account. Payoneer will notify you via email. Simply click the unique link
in the email Payoneer includes and follow the basic instructions to set up your payment account.
PLEASE NOTE: If you DO NOT receive an email from Payoneer, first check your “junk” mail. If you still have not received an
email, call the Syntek Global Corporate Office 801.386.5007. For additional questions call Payoneer’s Customer Service line.
Representatives are available between the hours of 9:00AM-6PM (EST) Sunday through Friday by calling 1.646.658.3695x2.
Pick up Payoneer Card: Once you have validated your account, Payoneer will automatically send your MasterCard to your local
Syntek Global pickup point you specified when you have earned your first bonus and/or commission. This card can be used to
spend funds you have earned anywhere Master Card debit cards are accepted, or you can use the card to transfer funds from your
Payoneeer account directly into your checking or savings account at your bank of choice. Cards take approximately 4-6 weeks to
arrive. However, your Payoneer account is live and active immediately after you received an email from Payoneer stating you have
completed the required steps. (Please note: There is a transfer fee of $2.00 for EVERY transfer made.)
For Additional Instructions Visit: http://syntekglobalpermalinks.s3.amazonaws.com/Payoneer_Process_PP.pptx


Step6: Setup your Website


If you did not obtain your own MySyntek website during enrollment, we highly recommend that you do that now by going to
mysyntek.com. The first month of use is FREE with the purchase of a Starter Kit. (PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for a MySyntek website
is optional. However, all of the training, videos, documents, presentations, and other business building tools are found in the
distributor office of the MySyntek website.)
Once your website is set up, log in to your MySyntek website anytime to track and manage your business and prospects.






If you are interested in joining Syntek Global and need further information please feel free to contact us.