What is Syntek Global?

"Syntek Global is a Network Marketing Company that makes a Fuel additive known as Xtreme Fuel Treatment which gives your vehicle improved fuel mileage and longer life by utilizing detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization. The result is that the engine run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain.

Fuel Greens is an Independent distributor of Syntek Global XFT Fuel treatment and our mission is to help you to save money on fuel cost and earn income in the process by enabling you to build downline and a large revenue stream right over the internet.

Syntek Global Xtreme Fuel Treatment Sign Up Instructions


There are two major enrollment kits to sign up for to become a distributor of syntek Global XFT

1. The 500 PV Kit ( otherwise called the MVP Kit) sign up cost of $ 638.80 ( shipping already included)

2. The 250 PV Kit (otherwaise called the infinity kit) sign up Cost $317.90 (shipping already inlcuded)


You will receive more products , benefits and greater earning potential by signing up with the MVP Kit.


Step 1

Select your country of residence by selecting the drop down menu on the far right hand corner as shown in the diagram below.

XFT is now available only in the following countires United States,Australia, Canada,Italy, New Zealand,India,Singapore, United Kingdom,Philipines, Africa, Jamaica,Nigeria , south africa, cameroon and Ghana.



Step 2

Insert your credentials such and name, address, phone number date of birth etc. If you billing address and shipping address is the same select

the check box. Your shipping address is where your XFT package will be deleivered to you.


Step 3

Insert your credit card information here, all major credit cards are accepted



Step 4

This is where you choose a name for your website which you will use to enroll new distributors to your downline. For example if your name is James Brown you would create a username like jbrown and your web address would be http://jbrown.mysyntek.com , you would then create a password and re-enter it below to confirm.

You can apply for a basic website or get a customizable website with more attractive sales page and features to enable you to enroll new distributors to your downline directly on the internet, select a website option which suits your needs.

PV website Monthly Subscription -$24.95 ( This website comes with additional feautures and customization)

StandardWebsite Monthly Subscription- $14.95 (This is a basic website with sales page)

There is an option to choose 6 or 12 month one time payment or you can pay the fee monthly.




Autoship facility is optional, this feature allows you to setup automatic billing every month to ensure that you maintain the amount of personal product volume every month to keep qualified to earn commissions. Auto shipping is recommended for distrubutors and customers of xtreme fuel treatment as there are discount benefits associated with it.



Select your Starter Package here.

You have two options

(1) The 500 PV Kit

(2) The 250 PV Kit

A description of all the items you will receive in the package is given like the screenshot below.

After filling out this online form review your application accept the Distributor Agreement and then submit!

Congratulations on becoming a new Syntek Global XFT distributor!



Click on the link Below to get started, If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact kevin richards at 1-876-8629239, email krichardz@hotmail.com or add me to your skype skibbz3 and I will be willing to assist you with the sign up process.